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  • Sprawling colonies

  • WarMill Heavy Industries imminent releases

  • Research Stations - to quantify your mining operations

  • QDSC - The Quick Deploy Security Compound

  • SIR Pallets, like Shipping Crates, but smaller!

Welcome to Warmill

Welcome to!

 Warmill was started by Harry and Ed with the goal of producing premium products for the Wargaming industry, starting with the JEWEL bases that are an effort to bring a new modern aesthetic into the hobby, using beautifully engraved acrylic bases that are more abstract and graphical than the traditional diorama or battlefield style of  miniature basing.

 Warmill has recently begun producing laser-cut MDF and resin terrain kits with the philosophy of flexibility, complexity and detail. Warmill terrain is designed to be as flexible as possible, as we believe good terrain is terrain that can be used in every game. We believe in producing terrain that is highly detailed, is a modelling project in itself, and can be the focal point of the game rather as much as an incidental feature of the battlefield. Expansion packs allow the customer to build their collection over time to build their ideal setup.

New products in 2013 include an awesome corridor system designed by one of our good friends for epic indoor battles, more tongue-in-cheek cyberpunk fun for our streetwars range of terrain, and our first forays into figure production! Check the hobby blog above to see our terrain in use at various events, get exclusive sneak peeks of coming products, and get access to exclusive special offer codes!

To see pictures of our products in development and hear about new products before they're released, visit our project log on!


Some of our kits are over the 2KG weight limit for standard postage from the UK to overseas destinations. To keep postage at a manageable level, at our discretion we may send some items as 2 or more packages. For this reason, there is a possibility they may not arrive at the same time. If you have not received all packages within 3 days of the first please email us at as soon as possible.

In order for our customers to make an informed choice about purchasing our products we may include 28mm-scale miniatures in some pictures.
Please note 28mm figures are shown for scale purposes only, used without permission and are not manufactured by Warmill Gaming Accessories unless otherwise noted. Warmill Gaming Accessories is not associated with or endorsed by any miniature manufacturers.
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