Welcome to Warmill

Welcome to Warmill.co.uk!

Warmill was founded by Ed and Harry with the intention of producing only the finest terrain and models. Our lasercut terrain kits are designed with a philosophy of playability, flexibility, but most of all damn fine looks!

Our products come under 3 main headings;

 - Scatter terrain - packs of multiple pieces or individual items designed to fill gaps in the table or act as objectives eg QDBs, Dragon's Teeth, Warpgates, WMD skips

 - Modular Systems - highly flexible ranges consisting of core parts and accessories that can be set up differently every game, these ranges include single packs and bundles with a built-in discount eg M.U.L.E, ELMOR, Battlesnap Barricade

 - Glamour pieces - highly detailed single kits featuring beautifully engraved acrylic parts, lots of surface detail and intricate construction, these kits are designed to be centrepieces that add character to the tabletop. Often available in multiple franchises eg FoodBooth 9000, RIBD bar, Surgery Shack

 - New for 2016! Space Kaboom!, our first foray into board game production.

 Whether you play Warhammer 40000TM, Infinity The GameTM, Judge Dredd the Miniatures GameTM or any other 28-32mm sci-fi wargame, we have the terrain for you!