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FoodBooth 9000
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Found on every planet, from harsh terraforming colonies to dazzling composite-ceramic urban sprawls, the Food Booth 9000 keeps the Federation's citizens supplied with their favourite brand of recycled protein products! With consumer tastes becoming ever more extreme, franchises constantly compete to offer the most outrageous menus!

The prospective franchise operator can currently choose from:

  • Happy Noodle - Every noodle is a Happy noodle! A subdivision of 'Happy' Wang's Super Fun Time PLC, the Happy Noodle chain has become the largest purveyor of generic, non-specific and Actual Meat ​in the Human galaxy. Accusations of high lead content are entirely unfounded.
  • Dolphin Shack - With the advent of cheap cloning, rare and extinct animals from Earth's past have become a staple part of the adventurous gourmand's diet. Rumour has it Dolphin Shack will soon be adding Megalodon and Plesiosaur to it's range...
  • The Donut Hole - Offering a range of delicious doughy treats enhanced with pure TurboFat, the Donut Hole invites you to join the Donut Club! ​Try the new DoNightmare​, 6 glazed donuts wrapped around a hot sausage, covered in cream and encased in 3 layers of Snake Bacon!
  • Southern Fried Watersnake - Some food is delicious, some food is expensive, but only Southern Fried Watersnake is venomous and ready to kill! Bred from a secret blend of 11 reptile genomes by our highly trained DNAristas, our patented FlavourSnakes ​are served up fried or frisky!

Lasercut from high-quality MDF, the FoodBooth 9000 includes a choice of highly detailed engraved acrylic parts to theme your model. With a removable roof and door, detailed interior and removable furniture, this premium kit offers a wide range of tactical options for your 28mm battles.

Product supplied unpainted, assembly required. Not suitable for children under 14 years. This is not a toy. If sanding any parts, wear a dust mask or work in a ventilated area.



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John Neco
- 07/01/2013
5 product stars

The Foodbooth is a solid, easy to assemble model and the quality is excellent, Every surface is covered with detail and the transparent signs give it an atmospheric near future feel. Nice to have some scenery that looks functional and urban but makes a great mini bunker or objective. 10/10

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