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- 10/09/2014
5 product stars

Just spent the whole of yesterday spray painting and then assembling my first P.U.P, (Purchased the 2-pack). The laser cut is well done and most of the parts come off the sprues easily enough. One or two are fiddly. Although I sometimes wonder why they don't just cut all the way through and send the parts to us in little bags. The MDF takes spray paint very well and even after half a dozen light coats of primer and base coats, the etched details still come through very well. The overall assembly was hugely impressive, all the holes and slots are precisely cut and while I made things difficult for myself by pre-spraying all my panels before assembly, some light filing meant everything fit in its place perfectly and some of the parts hold each other in place. I just gave the inside of the structure a light brushing of PVA glue to permanently set the walls in. (Although the instructions could have been clearer as some of the parts need to go in first, also, the floor and the roof pieces are the opposite of what you think they should be, count the number of holes on the panels.) Overall, a great model, easy to paint and put together. I look forward to getting another pair to have 4 P.U.P's in my terrain set in the near future.

- 29/02/2012
5 product stars

This is what 28mm Sci-Fi and modern figures have been crying out for. No heavy resin, easily storable and remarkably robust when constructed. I love my one and have just ordered another!

- 26/02/2012
5 product stars

In a word, brilliant. I've bought a number of bits of laser cut MDF but this was definitely the easiest to separate and no painful squeezing to get the parts together, while risking an unfortunate snapping sound. The result is similarly great. Doesn't feel 2D, the way some laser cuts can, and it handles well. No suggestion it will come apart in your hands. Looks the business. Very pleased. Many thanks.
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