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Street Wars

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The Portable Utility Pod is the most flexible and rugged modular storage solution in the galaxy today! Fill them full of guns, jewels or alien slaves and stack them high in your spaceship's hold! Airdrop them into your frontline bases for your soldiers' comfort, it's better than a tent! Endlessly stackable, they make great low-budget tower blocks for the citizens who didn't vote for you!

Laser cut from 3mm MDF,  P.U.Ps can be stacked as high as you like, and can be combined with the modular walkway system for limitless setups!  The roof and doors are also removable for gameplay purposes.

This set comprises:
  • P.U.P x 2
Walkway set comprising: 
  • Long section x 4
  • Pod section x 4
  • Corner section x 8
  • Long fence x 4
  • Corner fence x 16
  • Medium fence x 2
  • Low level fence support x 44
  • High level fence support x 22
  • Long stairs x 2
  • Narrow stairs x 2
  • Walkway legs x 24
  • Connector clips x 32

Kit supplied unpainted. Assembly required. Some care required to remove parts from frames. Not suitable for children under 14 due to small parts. Take care if sanding any parts, wear a dust mask or work in a ventilated area.

£40.00 inc. tax

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Realistic and addictive 5 product stars
"Wargaming was good but Warmill terrain just gets you into the future - on your tabletop - right now. I bought one PUP from a retailer, a bit dubious about MDF (hey - it's not grey plastic!), but as soon as I got it out the cool box and began snapping stuff off I was hooked. I only reached for the Bostik once as the item just seemed to clip together on it's own.Then I was doubtful about the painting of it, but yet again Warmill proved me wrong. It paints like a breeze, those recesses are just right for helping you get detail that other models won't cooperate on. In short, this guy's addicted to the build. And the products are enhancing my clubs' battle missions. Thank you Warmill." Steve J - 11/06/2014

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