SIR Crate x 2
SIR Crate x 2
SIR Crate x 2
SIR Crate x 2
SIR Crate x 2
SIR Crate x 2
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The SIR (Stackable Intermodal Resource) Shipping Crate can be found across the Federation, whether it's stacked in the holds of spacecraft, hanging from the clamps of Coleopter dropships or traversing the ELMOR networks on the trailers of bulk crawlers. With its built in ladders, the SIR crates are often pressed into service as makeshift scaffolds and walkways after being emptied of their goods.

Made from lasercut 3mm MDF, the SIR Crate features doors that can be opened or closed, integral ladders and a detail plate that accepts a standard 14-per-sheet sticky label to allow you to print your own custom signage. Each crate measures 60 x 70 x 200mm.

This kit conatins enough parts to build:
  • SIR Crate x 2
Kit supplied unpainted. Assembly required. Some care required to remove parts from frames. Not suitable for children under 14 due to small parts. Take care if sanding any parts, wear a dust mask or work in a ventilated area. This is not a toy.
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Great shipping containers
The laser work is very fine, and the kits go together very cleanly. The only thing to watch for is alignment of the edge panels with the ladder steps to the ladder itself. There's lots of fine engraving that makes plain areas look super detailed. I like these. I have 7, in Australia. That wasn't easy ;)
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