The S.L.A.B range is designed to be a highly affordable way to fill a gaming table with easy to build, simple to paint terrain that is also highly modular; the range of removable walkways and barriers allow you to build sprawling multi-level cityscapes that offer the exact blend of accessibility, cover and vulnerability you want.
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S.L.A.B Bridge pack
SLAB Habs are often covered in a maze of walkways, ladders and staircases. While the Administration claims this is for convenience and ease of travel, citizens cant help noticing their main use seem to be allowing heavily armed mercenaries and soldiers to shoot each other in the head. Includes 2 x long...
S.L.A.B City
S.L.A.B City is the perfect starting point for a sci-fi terrain collection, consisting of a huge array of buildings, walkways, fences, bridges that will provide a full 4x4' foot table of terrain, that can be set up for endless re-playability. Create sprawling suburbs or dense multi-level districts that...
S.L.A.B Hab Maxi
The S.L.A.B Hab Maxi is the most spacious hab unit, offering plenty of floorspace for the savvy Colony Administrator to really cram in the tax paying 'citizens'. The Hab Maxi is a great way to fill a gaming table or expand a S.L.A.B collection, offering a large roof space for multi-level battles and...
S.L.A.B Hab Medium
S.L.A.B Hab Mediums are hugely popular with the average Colony citizen, providing enough space to raise a mid-sized family in a home furnished from the Federated Colonies' favourite nano-packed homeware store, G rundläggande. The Hab Medium provides a good sized building and walkway collection that can...
S.L.A.B Hab Micro
The Hab Micro makes a great home for the Federated Colonies' range of anti-social, agoraphobic, angry or otherwise sulky citizens, and are often fitted with Administrator-controlled lockdown systems in case they need to serve as temporary prison cells. The Hab Micro is a great building for filling in...
S.L.A.B Plaza pack
More images to follow The S.L.A.B Plaza pack contains a range of large walkway components to complement the standard modular walkways included with the S.L.A.B Hab buildings, allowing for double-depth walkways and new arrangements of SLAB habs. Walkway compatible with all other S.L.A.B Hab products....
S.L.A.B Walkway pack
The S.L.A.B walkway pack contains a range of extra walkway components to complement the standard modular walkways and fences included with the S.L.A.B Hab buildings, including single segment walkways, fences and rooftop barriers allowing for total flexibility in how you set up your S.L.A.B city. Walkway...
SLAB Street Accessories
The SLAB Street Accessories pack contains everythings a fluorishing Colony needs to prevent traffic congestion, lost tourists, overcharging Uvercabs, squished pedestrians and citizens ignorant of things to purchase. Laser cut from 3mm MDF and acrylic, the SLAB Street Accessories bring your urban table...
SLAB Street Barriers
The streets of SLAB City are defined by the armoured barriers that provide safe protection from vehicle collisions and improptu gunfights, as well as a handy canvas for glo-taggers across the Colonies. Laser cut from 3mm MDF and acrylic, the SLAB Street Barriers are perfect for breaking up open fire...
SLAB Street Junctions
The SLAB Street Junctions are sturdy mounting points for everything needed to control the dense Colony traffic; street signs, traffic lights, adboards and remote cannon turrets. Laser cut from 3mm MDF and acrylic, the SLAB Street Junctions provide structure to barriers and mounts for SLAB Street accessories,...
Streets of SLAB City
Containing a Barrier, Junction and Accessories pack, the Streets of SLAB City bundle is the one-click package to add structure and cover options to the roadways on your urban terrain table. This bundle is available at a 15% discount over individual items! Laser cut from 3mm MDF and acrylic, the SLAB...
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