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UMP-LMP 'Jitter Critter'
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New from Warmill Heavy Industries, the Unsettling Mobility Platform - Light Military Purpose is designed to play on man's instinctive fear of spiders while being a highly effective autonomous combat system.

Scuttling across the battlefield on its eight motile prongs, the 'Jitter Critter' strikes the enemy with a sense of unease at the same time as its modular weapons system strikes them with a hail of 12.7mm anti infantry rounds, 30mm flak anti-air shells or 5.7mm tungsten rail-slugs. A 3-stage sensor unit provides incredible point target accuracy, offering exceptional value by cutting wasted munitions by up to 50%! Each UMP-LMP is supplied with a vulcan chaingun, dual AA cannon and rail rifle, along with a market-leading warranty on all consumable parts for 2 years.

Warmill Heavy Industries offers a competitive 'pay as you slay' leasing option on all UMP products, ensuring you extract maximum value from your investment by only charging when the unit achieves a confirmed kill*.

*target must be dog-sized or above.  

The Jitter Critter is a premium resin mech model kit, cast in high quality polyurethane resin. Designed for modellers and gamers alike, this kit is perfect for dioramas or sci-fi gaming. This kit contains 25 parts and includes 3 different weapon options for the turret. Please note the 28mm figure is not included.

This kit supplied unassembled and unpainted. Not suitable for children under 14 years. This is not a toy. Resin kits should be washed in soapy water to remove mould release before priming and painting. Wear a dust mask and work in a well ventilated area if sanding any parts, resin dust can be hazardous.


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