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The colonization phase is over and now it's time to rise up out the mud and settle into your new home in the Comfortable And Spacious Housing Staks! Leave those dingy PUP ghettos behind (unless you didn't vote for us, in which case welcome to your new PUP ghetto!) and enjoy light and airy living conditions whichever floor you're on! Best of all, we'll be automatically deducting the purchase costs from your wages so you don't even have to worry about that annoying shopping around and haggling for the best deal, we've already decided on the best price for you!

Lasercut from premium MDF, the C.A.S.Hstak Block is a highly detailed terrain piece carefully designed to provide a range of gameplay options; do you take the roof for maximum fields of fire but limited protection, bunker up inside at the risk of being outflanked or just use the rear-biased doors as a way to safely move across the battleground? 

Features include: 
 - Large footprint of 300x200mm (measured at widest points) for quickly filling a board
 - Fully detailed exterior and interior
 - Integral ladders
 - 3 fully hinged doors for multiple points of access
 - Playable interior
 - Interior wall can be removed and flipped
 - Attachment points for 3 C.A.S.Hstak accessories
 - Stackable

Product supplied unpainted, assembly required. Not suitable for children under 14 years due to small parts. This is not a toy. If sanding any parts, wear a dust mask or work in a well-ventilated area.
£16.99 inc. tax

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1st of many such kits for me 5 product stars
"just finished assembling my first block. The detail on these things is amazing, special mention must be given to the cute little three pin plug sockets on the interior walls & the swinging doors. The kit goes together very easily but everything is a nice tight fit. I can't wait to fill a gaming table with a full C.A.S.Hstak complex. It is by far the nicest piece of terrain I've ever assembled. Keep up the good work guys, I can't wait to see what you come up with next... Maybe some interior furniture???" Steven - 03/07/2015

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