C.A.S.Hstak City Blocks
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce that colony 3Z-Alpha-12 has now grown to the point we are officially classified as an Actual PlaceTM! No longer will we be forced to dwell in cramped PUPs eating limp Happy Noodles between shifts, I am reliably informed that the first order of C.A.S.Hstaks is on its way right now and soon we'll be sipping slurpdregs on the balconies of our Comfortable And Spacious Housing!"

 - Colony Administrator Effayt announcing the good news to the colonists of Effayt's Canker (formerly 3Z-Alpha-12)
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Adboard 8-Pack
Show your commitment to glorious capitalism by hanging some advertisements off your C.A.S.Hstak Block! Proclaim your favourite brands to the world and get a nice little kickback while you do it! With the C.A.S.Hstak Adboard system, your home can make you money! Please note Colony Administration fees...
£11.99 £9.59
Balcony 2-pack
It's one thing to have a new home, but we all know it's meaningless if you can't look down on those less fortunate, and that's where the C.A.S.Hstak Balcony's got you covered! Providing a spacious outdoor area for barbecues, evening drinks and surpressing fire, the Balcony should be considered an essential...
£10.99 £8.79
Beverage District
There's nothing quite like a refreshing drink on the way back to your shiny new home, just don't expect to be able to find it after a few of Smug Clint's finest brews! Offering a substantial saving over individual items, this pack includes: - C.A.S.Hstak Block x 4 - RIBD_4 Bar x 1 (1 random design) Product...
£79.99 £63.99
The colonization phase is over and now it's time to rise up out the mud and settle into your new home in the Comfortable And Spacious Housing Staks! Leave those dingy PUP ghettos behind (unless you didn't vote for us, in which case welcome to your new PUP ghetto!) and enjoy light and airy living conditions...
£16.99 £13.59
Block Legs Pack
Rise to the heavens without spending the Earth with the C.A.S.Hstak Block Legs! Easily attached to Blocks and Demi-Blocks, the Block Legs are an affordable way to add a bit of height to your home, whether you need to get above the pollution layer or just show your neighbours you're that little bit better...
£13.99 £11.19
Block terrace 4-pack
So you're a Colony Administrator, you've got a freighter full of new citizens on their way, but you're lacking C.A.S.Hstaks for them to live in? The Block Terrace has you covered! Quickly fill your streets with new Blocks at a price that won't bankrupt your fragile economy! The C.A.S.Hstak Block Terrace...
£57.99 £46.39
Demi Block
Designed for modern living, the Demi-Block serves as an affordable upgrade for citizens looking for a conservatory, entrance lobby, support for a second-storey block or access to a rooftop balcony. Offering an extra doorway and the standard 3 attachments for integrating into your C.A.S.Hstak home, if...
£14.99 £11.99
Fire Escape x 2
While we strive to make the C.A.S.Hstak Blocks as fire-proof as possible, accidents do happen (c.f. 'My First Meth-Lab' by HazardBro Games) and sometimes you need to make a quick exit. When the lifts are down you can rely on the C.A.S.Hstak Fire Escape to provide a safe and enjoyable route to safety!...
£10.99 £8.79
Helix Staircase 2-Pack
Spiralling gracefully around a stack of Junctions, the C.A.S.Hstak Helix Staircase exudes style on every level and tells everyone watching that yes, you may be using your legs but damn, don't you know how to look good doing it. Lasercut from premium MDF, the C.A.S.Hstak Helix Staircase provides a route...
£10.99 £8.79
Sometimes the only way is up baby, and that's where this all-in-one C.A.S.Hstak Hi_Stack come in! With a complete set of fire escapes to meet all those pesky Health and Safety laws (I know, right?!) and balconies to provide excellent views from up high, the Hi_Stack is the perfect addition to any budding...
£99.99 £79.99
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