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Dragon's Teeth
Made from hardened composites, the modular Dragon's Teeth system is capable of stopping main battle tanks dead in their tracks! Collapsible for rapid redeployment to the next battlefield by land or air, don't invade a planet without them! Made from lasercut 3mm MDF, this kit contains: Medium long piece...
Process Unit
The legendary Process Unit from the original Security Compound! Briefly available again for a short time, comprises detailed MDF and acrylic parts and, as a tool of the oppressive government, is a perfect target for newly insurgent forces! Product supplied unpainted, assembly required. Not suitable for...
QDB Quick Deploy Barricade x 10
No Federation security force goes anywhere without a supply of QDBs strapped to the sides of their transports, ready for deployment wherever rioters or protesting citizens may be getting a little too close to a high-value asset. Almost impossible to pull over and made from high-strength HoneyComp TM...
Used by planetary compliance forces to coordinate orbital strikes, the SatLink arrays are invaluable tools during planetary acquisition operations. Once the roughneck colonists start setting up pup colonies, the SatLink arrays are repurposed to contact the franchise operators and arrange delivery of...
SIR Pallets
The smaller companion to the SIR shipping crate, the SIR pallets are perfect for shipping fragile products and other goods in absolute safety, and coincidentally are just tall enough to hide a fully equipped soldier. SIR pallets can be found in every corner of the Colonies, and strangely are often found...
On alien planets throughout the galaxy, explorers have found ancient alien relics untouched by time and decay. Researchers have speculated they're part of an extinct transport system, but have yet to find any evidence of power sources or controls. What has been found is an increasing number of science...
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