Wherever there are mysterious artifacts to investigate, hazardous outbreaks to contain, armed forces needing a command centre or just a busted water main holding up traffic, you'll find a Warmill Heavy Industries RUM Lander with a ring of QDSC fences around it!
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QDSC Blockhouse 4-Pack
When the troops guarding a QDSC need protection from artillery, heavy weapons or volleys of rocks and molotov cocktails from disgruntled citizens, the Blockhouse can be quickly closed to form an armoured strongpoint. Lasercut from premium 3mm MDF, the Blockhouse is compatible with the QDSC connectors...
QDSC Fence Pack
Easy to construct but incredibly hard to destroy, lines of QDSC fences can snake through cities overnight. The fence bases can provide cover for the deploying forces even as they lay out the shape of the compound they'll be defending, and once the fence panels are slotted in to place the walkways are...
QDSC Gatehouse
Heavily armoured yet easily collapsible for transportation, the QDSC Gatehouse is the essential way to make sure only the right people make it into the prison, walled community or zombie pen. Lasercut from premium 3mm MDF and featuring engraved acrylic detail parts, the Gatehouse is compatible with the...
QDSC Outpost
Bigger brother to the Quick Deploy Barricade, the Quick Deploy Security Compound is the fencing solution of choice for the armed forces, civil order operatives, roughneck colonists or mad dictators purifying the citizenry. Easy to transport and deploy in the field with no special training, the QDSC instills...
RUM Lander Alpha
RUM Landers are a common sight in the background of news reports about wars, disaster zones, civil unrest and zombie virus outbreaks. With a built-in array of computers, sampling equipment and network access, the RUM Alpha is the go-to product for military and civil units alike. The interior is fully...
RUM Lander Bravo
RUM Landers are a common sight in the background of news reports about wars, disaster zones, civil unrest and zombie virus outbreaks. The Bravo Lander features a range of workspaces and diagnostic equipment to ensure that any heavy equipment can be kept in top condition, whether it's an armoured combat...
RUM Lander Bundle
With a saving of over 10% over purchasing individual items, the RUM bundle is a great way to quickly fill your table for a low price. The RUM Landers offer plenty of exciting tactical options for the battle, as the centrepiece of a narrative mission or just terrain to fight a deathmatch over while the...
SIR Pallets
The smaller companion to the SIR shipping crate, the SIR pallets are perfect for shipping fragile products and other goods in absolute safety, and coincidentally are just tall enough to hide a fully equipped soldier. SIR pallets can be found in every corner of the Colonies, and strangely are often found...
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