The Modular Unit Living Environment system from Warmill Heavy Industries is beloved by colonists and Colony Administrators alike for being cheap, durable and slightly more pleasant to live in than a dirty windowless box that had recently been used to transport live animals across the void of deep space!
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Clandestine Facility
The MULE is a highly flexible building system, and the Clandestine Facility is the perfect example of this. Raised in 'secluded' areas throughout the colonies, Habs become labs whle External Lifts are often repurposed as top-security holding cells for any reluctant guests, and the tunnels enable the...
Hi_stack MULE bundle
Hi-stacks form the core of any MULE city, as layer upon layer of housing is laid on top of the lo_rises every day. within 6 months of the first hi_stack being ordered, 75% of the planets population will be housed in the Hi_stack blocks. Lasercut from high-quality MDF and acrylic detail parts, this kit...
Lo_rise MULE bundle
Once a colony has matured and outgrown the PUP slums, large numbers of MULE Lo_rise habs are quickly delivered. urban sprawls sping up practically overnight, forming the foundation for the cities to grow rapidly upwards. Lasercut from high-quality MDF and acrylic detail parts, this kit consists of two...
Capable of supporting four MULE modules, The MULE Core is the essential building block for thousands of cities across the federation. Endlessly stackable, Core towers constantly grow higher and higher as the city expands, and no citizen is ever at the top for long. Lasercut from high-quality MDF with...
MULE External Lift x 2
MULE stacks often sport extra external lifts to cope with heavy traffic moving between layers. Rumours that corporations often pay for lift breakdowns so the trapped citizens are exposed to adverts playing on the built-in AdGlass for hours on end are entirely accurate. Lasercut from high-quality MDF...
MULE Hab module
Whether its housing a family of 4 in discomfort or storing the results of hideous experiments, the Hab module is the envy of PUP dwellers everywhere. Often suspended in mid-air to make way for roads and gang warfare at ground level, every Core stack sports a forest of Habs amongst the other modules....
MULE Helipad Lobby
Helipad lobbies are a common sight in the larger mule cities, either on the ground or high in the mule blocks, as personal skimmers are a popular transport for wealthy citizens and rioting mobs alike. Lasercut from high-quality MDF and acrylic detail parts, this kit consists of 2 MULE Hab modules,one...
MULE Helipad Module
As the MULE stacks grow higher and higher, the upper levels become more dotted with personal Helipads. No respectable mob boss would be without a luxury skimmer parked outside the penthouse, ready for a quick escape. Many are fitted with explosive release bolts to eject the module should a rival block...
MULE Office Module
The heaviest module available as standard, the MULE Office module ensures that no colony citizen is without a place for hours of mind numbing data admin. Modular cubicle walls keep social interaction to a minimum, while large windows ensure the cube-dweller's spirit is crushed at all times by glimpses...
MULE Roof Topper
Tthe skyline of a MULE city is a dazzling forest of holo signs proclaiming the names of the blocks, which the citizens yell as they charge in to the frequent block wars during Riot Season. Lasercut from high-quality MDF and acrylic detail parts, this kit consists of a MULE Roof Topper module featuring...
MULE Tunnel Module x 2
Tunnel modules fill the sky between mule stacks in every colony, allowing wealthier citizens to traverse the cities without ever seeing the less fortunate ground levels. Some of the oldest cities' inhabitants have even evolved different languages to the older layers beneath them, as the tunnel networks...
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