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Mk-3 'Mangineer' ABU
Available for pre-order, coming soon The Mangineer Mk3 Autonomous Builder Unit is revolutionizing construction across the Federated Colonies, able to work 24 hours a day (other day lengths are available), in any terrain, without complaint. Warmill Heavy Industries' new behaviour inhibitor chips for the...
Mk7 ATEU 'Big Friendly Dog'
Please note these images are of pre-production 3D prints. Warmill Heavy Industries is proud to introduce the Mk7 Armed Tranquility Encouragement Unit, nicknamed the 'Big Friendly Dog'. The Mk7 ATEU is designed to provide a sense of peace and wellbeing to your citizens, wherever they're deployed. The...
UMP-LMP 'Jitter Critter'
OUT OF STOCK New from Warmill Heavy Industries, the Unsettling Mobility Platform - Light Military Purpose is designed to play on man's instinctive fear of spiders while being a highly effective autonomous combat system. Scuttling across the battlefield on its eight motile prongs, the 'Jitter Critter'...
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