Here you'll find a wide range of price points but they all have one thing in common; discounts! Offering at least 10% off individual prices all the way up to 20% off on the biggest bundle, these options allow for quickly building the city of your dreams at a great price.
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Block terrace 4-pack
So you're a Colony Administrator, you've got a freighter full of new citizens on their way, but you're lacking C.A.S.Hstaks for them to live in? The Block Terrace has you covered! Quickly fill your streets with new Blocks at a price that won't bankrupt your fragile economy! The C.A.S.Hstak Block Terrace...
£57.99 £46.39
Sometimes the only way is up baby, and that's where this all-in-one C.A.S.Hstak Hi_Stack come in! With a complete set of fire escapes to meet all those pesky Health and Safety laws (I know, right?!) and balconies to provide excellent views from up high, the Hi_Stack is the perfect addition to any budding...
£99.99 £79.99
The perfect starter home for new colony arrivals, the C.A.S.Hstak Lo_Rise provides up to 3 storeys of living comfort with 2 Lifts included to make sure you don't get tired exploring the levels of your new home! The included Adboards make sure that your neighbours know you have discerning taste in brands!...
£59.99 £47.99
A home fit for only the finest celebrities, power-mongers and, yes, you Mr Colony Administrator, the C.A.S.Hstak Mega_Mansion represents the finest in luxury living! Featuring multiple wings, verandas, viewing points and other accoutrements, the Mega_Mansion is a glorious tribute to excess that shouts...
£207.99 £166.39
Some citizens deserve better than others, and if you're one of them look no further than the C.A.S.Hstak Mini_Mansion, the perfect blend of opulence and mid-range expense! Featuring multiple balconies and accessories, the Mini_Mansion is the perfect starting point for expanding to a proper palace when...
£89.99 £71.99
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