Warmill Heavy Industries
Emerging from the mists of the Warmill Heavy Industries skunkworks comes a range of premium resin mechs, vehicles, figures and more. Cast in high-quality polyurethane, these model kits are designed for gamers and painters alike.
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Mk7 ATEU 'Big Friendly Dog'
Please note these images are of pre-production 3D prints. Warmill Heavy Industries is proud to introduce the Mk7 Armed Tranquility Encouragement Unit, nicknamed the 'Big Friendly Dog'. The Mk7 ATEU is designed to provide a sense of peace and wellbeing to your citizens, wherever they're deployed. The...
UMP-LMP 'Jitter Critter'
OUT OF STOCK New from Warmill Heavy Industries, the Unsettling Mobility Platform - Light Military Purpose is designed to play on man's instinctive fear of spiders while being a highly effective autonomous combat system. Scuttling across the battlefield on its eight motile prongs, the 'Jitter Critter'...
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